6 Chords for Guitar

What is a 6 chord?

Sixth chords are peculiar sounding chords. It can be major or minor, augmented or diminished.

The 6th chord (major) can probably be best described as whimsical. It’s the kind of chord you’d think a harp would play. Try out some of the chord formations and see if they can fit into your repertoire.

The structure of the chord is the same as the major or minor plus an added 6th note. The 6th is not flatted, this would make the chord a C 6 flat or C minor 6 flat.

The 6 chord formula is: 1 – 3 (b3) – 5 – 6

So the root is 1, it tells you what chord letter to assign like A, B, C, D , E, F or G.

The 3 is a third above that: the 5 is a perfect fifth above 1: the 6 is a major 6th above 1:
A = C# (C)
B = D# (D)
C = E (Eb)
D = F# (F)
E = G# (G)
F = A (Ab)
G = B (Bb)
A = E
B = F#
C = G
D = A
E = B
F = C
G = D
A = F#
B = G#
C = A
D = B
E = C#
F = D
G = E
So together the Major 6th Chords are as follows: So together the minor 6th Chords are as follows:
A = A – C# – E – F#
B = B – D# – F# – G#
C = C – E – G – A
D = D – F# – A – B
E = E – G # – B – C#
F = F – A – C – D
G = G – B – D – E
A = A – C – E – F#
B = B – D – F# – G#
C = C – Eb – G – A
D = D – F – A – B
E = E – G – B – C#
F = F – Ab – C – D
G = G – Bb – D – E

Major 6 Chords

6 chords
6 chords

The chart below shows the pattern for all of the tonics (1) – the major 3rds, 5ths and 6ths on the fretboard.
6 chords
If you can find the tonic you can find the distance from the 3rd, 5th and 6th. So any combination of these 4 notes on the fretboard creates a 6th chord for that tonic. Look at the chart and try to figure out as many possible fingerings for a 6th chord as you can. If you look at the chord charts above, you see them in the chart below.

6 chords

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